I have changed my mind. Can I still cancel an order before I receive the item?

At, the most important thing for us is that you feel comfortable buying the items you really want. If you want to cancel an order, the rule is that the sooner you inform us, the better!

Cancellations depend on whether your order has been shipped or not. Usually, this happens within 2 -3 business days so try to cancel your order at an early stage. To cancel your order, write to us at or give us a call at our toll free 800 REEBOK / 800 733 265 and we will take care of everything!

If your order has been shipped, we would not be able to cancel it. At that point, your next best option is to make use of our hassle free return policy and send the item back.

How do I return an item I purchased with a coupon?

If you used a coupon to purchase something from our website and want to return it, we just add it to your return coupon. For example, if you ordered a pair of shoes for AED 600 and used a coupon for AED 100, you actually paid AED 500. But if you think the shoe is too big for you and you want to have it returned for a different size, we will still give you a return coupon for AED 600 so you don’t lose the benefit of having used a coupon!

Do I get a refund? Do I get my money back?

Yes, you do! If you placed the order using a credit/debit card, we will refund the price of the item(s) returned to the same card. Please note that it may take up to 7 – 14 working days for the amount to reflect in your bank statement once the payment has been processed.

If you opted for the Cash on Delivery (COD) service, we will issue you a return coupon which is redeemable on our website for the price of the item(s) you returned. This means that if you place an order and are not satisfied by the product received, we give you the possibility to return it for free - we would pay the return shipping fees and would issue you a refund coupon for the value of the item that you are returning. This will give you the opportunity to always choose the item of your choice!

For example, if you paid AED 500 for an item, we’ll give you a coupon for AED 500 after you have returned the item to us. Please note that the COD are not refundable, as they go to the courier company.

How can I return an item?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase from, simply follow the steps below:

  • Contact our customer service team at or call us at our toll free 800 REEBOK / 800 733 265 to initiate the process.
  • We will log your return request and get your item picked up. We won’t keep you waiting!
  • We will issue you a return coupon, or refund the amount to your card in case of Debit/Credit card payments within 7 working days of the item(s) being received by the courier.
What is the return notice period? offers a hassle free 14-days no questions asked return policy. Please do note that the following conditions must be met for us to be able to process a return successfully:

  • An item may only be returned within 14 days of the date of receipt
  • It must be in its original packaging with the original tags and labels
  • It must be unused and the seal must be intact
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